Ups and downs…just one of those days

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October 15, 2013 by Sera

Yeah, today was just one of those days…

I woke up with aching muscles, my knees hurting badly (something I’ve inherited from my dad, just gets really bad when the weather is…well, bad) and tired, so tired.

Got to work yawning and was greeted with a temperature of 25 degrees celsius and seemingly no oxygen at the office. Don’t get me wrong, I like it warm and cosy but even for me that’s too much and my dear colleagues already had placed bets on whether or not I’d find it too warm. I tend to complain about being cold, so it could’ve gone either way LOL.

Work was busy, very busy but recently, with this project, it’s the right kind of busy and I feel like I’m in my element again.

So work was pretty good even with the heat (I went outside to cool off every hour or so) until the ex mailed about our estate agent calling and telling him that the people who were interested in buying our house are now negotiating to buy another house.

Bad news that, hopes crushed and all that but I had pretty much come to terms with that already when we hadn’t heard from them anymore.

Then he said that our estate agent had also suggested lowering the price of the house….again and that there was still no guarantee that we could forfeit whatever debt we’d end up with.

Worse news that because it had looked like we’d get off debt free the last time we talked…now however, it’s all up in the air again. Damn!

On the way home I ran into trouble with the trains. Not unusual this time of the year but this time there were NO trains to get me home and I had to travel an extra hour via another part of the country just to get close to home.

I’ve decided a while ago though that I wouldn’t let public transport stress me anymore so I waited stoically for the trains that did go and tried to not look at my watch too often.

Then, while I was waiting for a connecting train in Utrecht (totally not where I would usually end up) a guy walked up to me and the conversation went a bit like this:

Him: I’m sorry but do I know you from somewhere? I’m sure I do, I just can’t remember.

– Now you may think, that’s too cliché to be true… –

Me: Eh, I don’t know. Could be but no idea.

Him: I used to have long hair, maybe that rings a bell? Have we worked together maybe?

Me: Uh, not sure…Cisco? Have you worked there?

Him: Oh yeah, that’s it. We used to smoke together years ago. *laughs*

Me: Oh my god, yes. You were there with Paolo, the two Metal heads *laughs*

Him: Yeah, that’s me. I’ve left the company though, they closed down our department completely. I work for XYZ now, they are the owners of ABC.

Me: *laughing out loud* You gotta be kidding me, I actually work for ABC. Which department do you work for at XYZ?

It went on and on like that, he lives the next town over from where I live. We both work on databases albeit different applications and departments but it was fun to just make a connection and talk about our old company and the current ones.

Now, I’ll admit that it’s almost too bad that he’s not my type and smokes so heavily you could smell it but we chatted the whole train ride and exchanged email addresses from work to stay in contact.

Nothing wrong with making friends, right?

I ended up having to take a bus for the last bit of my journey, along with A LOT of other people and while a packed bus with stressed commuters can be hell it was actually fun because despite the massive delays people, including myself, were actually in a good mood.

There was a lot of laughing and joking going on because we were all in the same boat…well bus really and contrary to what I had expected at the beginning of my day I came home happy and relaxed.

Yes, I’m tired and yes, the news about the house is bad…more than bad but there’s nothing I can do about it anyway so why stress and drive myself crazy when instead I can focus on the good things that happened today?


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