I’m all yours or am I?

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October 1, 2012 by Sera

I said that to someone yesterday, in a “you got my full attention” kinda way and then got told I shouldn’t be saying this as it was understood in a “I belong to you” kinda way.
A little while later while I lay in bed and couldn’t fall asleep once again…it was Sunday after all.
I wondered if we are ever really “all yours” or someone’s for that matter.
The way I see it we leave a part of us, a part of our hearts, with the people we like, love or hate during our life.
You can love and like a lot of people in different ways.
Pieces of my heart belong to my family of course and to my husband but other pieces still belong to people I may have loved or liked in the past.
I know there are some ex-boyfriends who unfortunately still own a piece of my heart because they hurt me and I just can’t forget. I don’t love them anymore but that doesn’t mean I got the piece of me back that I gave to them.
There are friends from way back when I still had friends, who still own a piece of my heart because I miss them still and may regret how things ended.
Even some friends I may have only met online and never offline own a piece of my heart because we connected and trusted each other.
I think, everyone who leaves a lasting impression in your life who causes more than fleeting emotions within you, gets a piece of you.
Some just get bigger pieces than others but I’ve definitely never gotten any piece back once I’ve given it away.
So, you see, if you are like me you can’t ever belong to anyone completely. Pieces of you will always be with someone else.


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